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Here is a sample of how publicity can help market your business.

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Public Relations: the business of inducing the public to have an understanding of and goodwill towards a person, firm, or institution. – Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

The business of public relations is a lot like a brilliantly cut diamond, with a number of facets. While media relations (publicity) is often an important component of a successful PR campaign, it is but one facet.

Public relations also includes strategic planning and message shaping, defining audiences and the plans to reach out to them. Like traditional advertising, it can encompass entire branding campaigns or Web site activities, collateral design and production; whatever it takes to tell the company’s story. Often public relations includes taking that story to the public through speaking engagements, trade shows and special events in addition to media outlets.

Community relations and employee relations are yet another facet of creating goodwill and reputation. Being prepared for emergencies through crisis communications planning also positions a company in a good light…being proactive instead of reactive.

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