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What is creative brokering, you ask? We define it as the art of creating the perfect team for a particular project or account.

More and more talented artists are leaving the traditional (and restrictive) 8A-7P world of advertising to become independent contractors. These top creatives are much happier and more productive working from home. They are often the top producers and their stellar reputations precede them. They can afford to take only the clients that excite them.

Janet Henderson with Scott Gunderson, Cohost of Time Out Tampabay

Janet Henderson and Scott Gunderson, Cohosts of "Time Out Tampa Bay"

Henderson Inc works with a number of excellent local and national companies, vendors, and freelance specialists to make sure you get exactly what you want, when you want it and at the very best price. It’s called “creative brokering.” We know these people. We work with them often. We know their products and services. We trust them.

From illustrators and computer animators to writers and Web designers, the talent pool of national creative services is most impressive. So how can you tap into this secret network of creative talent and why should you?

Well the “why” is easy. Besides the benefits of a superior work output, these independents don’t have the administrative overhead that traditional agencies do and can therefore provide a better price and shorter turnaround time. In addition, they usually only take the clients that spark their interest. Which means they are not being forced to take your account; they actually WANT your account. And our experience is that a happy artist turns out a better creative product.

The easiest way to tap into this creative underground is to call Henderson Inc. We will hand pick your team and bring in specialists as needed. Of course they bill you direct, as Henderson Inc does not mark up vendor invoices. Estimates are always provided in advance.

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