Cast of Characters

GrabGregory “Grab” Szenas – DP.  Our director of photography is well known in our industry.  Most recently working on the set of “PitchMen,” with Billy Mays and Sully Sullivan, Grab specializes in lighting for films and video productions and cut his teeth as a gaffer. However, as a DP, Grab moved to a new level and is a driving force in our production division.  Grab DirectingHis credits are too numerous to mention with film production, television shows and independent films and corporate projects. But there is no denying that Grab has an amazing ‘eye’ for telling a story through pictures and photography. He’s fun to work with, very organized (OCD?), and works us from sun-up to sun-down and often through the night as well!

EdEd Favara – Editor/Camera.  Eddy Favara is the creative force behind AfterGlow Video.  He is a veteran shooter, editor and post-production maven, bringing years of experience and a wealth of creative energy to every project he touches.  Whether it’s a job for a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit or an off-the-wall artistic piece, Eddy is the man!  Grab and Ed ProductionHe honed his video and editing production skills through 20 years of producing music videos, television commercials, documentaries, indy films and live video mixing.   Add in eye-catching graphics and an exquisite attention to detail and you can see why FOX SPORTS NET, Playboy and many others clammer for his attention.  Ed also teaches camera techniques and editing in Florida and is great to work with.  He always adds a little magic to every piece we produce.

David AudetDavid Audet – Concept Advisor.  David serves as our film and video artistic advisor due to his background and experience in writing and directing award-winning film/video productions.  As the current director of the Festival of the Moving Image, David is responsible for every facet of this three-day film festival, from selecting films for public viewing to arranging new concepts each year and bringing in the producers and directors of those films to his festival, now in its ninth year.  David is also the executive director of the Artists & Writers Group, which produces numerous festivals and symposiums on a variety of creative genres, such as Deep Carnival which highlights writers and books, HOMEmade, a music conference and performance event with workshops and seminars on the music industry.   David has a gift for recognizing what the public wants (and needs) and what will excite and titillate!  He is committed to perfection in all that he does and is an important part of our team.

Janet Henderson creatingJanet Henderson – Producer/Writer.  Janet has been a writer in the communications industry for over 25 years.  She has promoted numerous special events, including film festivals, which is most relevant.  Janet serves as our client contact, co-writer and head producer for each project.  She also appears as our on-screen talent in some productions, because she comes cheap (inexpensive) and she obviously knows the concept and the script by heart.  She too is fun to work with and has a deep love for creating videos that work for the client.

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