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"Janet, you are the best. I can hardly believe we generated so much press." – Sigrid Tidmore

Media Relations is what most people think of when they hear “public relations.” Using the media to help tell a story is a powerful, efficient and cost-effective way to reach your audiences. It creates an almost third-party endorsement when someone else tells your story in print or on a news report. Press lend credibility to your announcement or message. But of course, it has to be newsworthy and/or of interest to a reporter/writer in order to be used. Often a delicate process, your message must also be shaped or framed in the best possible way.

Ret. Gen. Tommy Franks

Ret. Gen. Tommy Franks Media Tour

Media relations is often used in conjunction with a more comprehensive public relations program and is also used with advertising/marketing campaigns. Developing strong relationships with media is key to any successful publicity seeker.
This happens when you provide the media with interesting angles for your story, good quotes and clear and concise background materials.

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Ybor City Garlic Festival Interview with WMNF

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Festival of the Moving Image Interview with Les Blank


The Tampa Tribune – Ybor Festival


Premiere – Ybor Festival


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