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Rotary Emblem logoWorking almost exclusively with special events producer extraordinaire, David Audet, Henderson Inc creates successful and magical events to promote your business or product.  Or, if you prefer, you can tie-in to one of our existing events.

Creating sponsorship benefits packages that attract top companies is key.  Creating exciting and memorable experiences stimulate attendance and attract media attention.

Ybor Festival of the Moving ImageThe Annual Ybor Festival of the Moving Image, now in its 9th year, generated over $80,000 of media coverage and attracted sponsors and attendees from throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Booth at the Artistan Writers Ybor

Booth at the Artists & Writers Ball

The Artists & Writers Group, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, but beginning to spread to other cities around the U.S. host several annual events, such as the “Poetry Slam,” “Homemade Symposium,” and “Deep Carnivale.”  Each of these events highlight various artisans and unique concepts and combines them with cooking contests, music, artists’ booths, book signings, acting venues, food vendors, children’s activities and fun for the entire family. 

The Artists & Writers Balls however are targeted to an “adult” crowd.  The A&W Balls are famous from the Tampa area, where they began to New York City, Hollywood and many points in between where some pretty wild characters fly in for the Ball and stay for the weekend!

Janet and the Queen at the Artistan Ybor

These events bring together many types of people for an evening of costumed revelry.  These masked balls began in the 70’s and hit their heyday in the 80’s.  The Artists’ & Writers’ Ball launched Guavaween (Ybor’s annual Halloween street bash) and the Tropical Heatwave (which was handed over as a fundraising staple for the local PBS/ NPR radio station, WMNF).

David Audet, one of the original members, has resurrected the Ball and is using the proceeds to fund The Artists & Writers Group, a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping artists produce, display and sell their works.

Cattle Baron's Ball

Other events we’ve been involved with include:                     

Waiting for Relief

  • Waiting For Relief (Patel Foundation Tsunami Fundraiser)
  • The Cuban Sandwich Festival
  • The Garlic Festival
  • Movie Night in Centennial Park
  • event-photo

  • Cattle Baron’s Ball (American Cancer Society)
  • Guavaween
  • Gasparilla  Festivities
  • GTE Suncoast Golf Classic
  • GTE St. Pete Grand Prix
  • GTE World Challenge
  • Brevard Academy Golf Tournament
  • Halloween Fest
  • 4th of July Street Fair
  • Victorian Christmas Stroll
  • Twilight Tour in Brevard, NC
  • Three annual foot races (5K and 10Ks)
  • Llamas as Caddies at Sherwood Forest
Garlic Festival Prize

Garlic Festival Prize

Cigar box awards Ybor Film Festival

Cigar box awards Ybor Film Festival

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