The Kindness Works Foundation to start a ripple in Tampa

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The Kindness Works Foundation to start a ripple in Tampa

Tampa, FL — The Kindness Works Foundation, a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to recognizing, rewarding and promoting acts of kindness, opens its first chapter in Tampa, Florida.

“This is just the beginning,” said David Aven, founder of the Kindness Works Foundation.  “With the current culture of violence so pervasive in today’s society, people need a gentle reminder of the incredible power and importance of kindness.”

The Kindness Works Foundation hopes to do just that with cyberspace technology and grassroots communications.   With underwriting from several organizations in the works, and additional underwriters being sought, the Foundation plans to spread the kindness message using an interactive Web site, complete with blog, and a large e-mail membership list of people who recognize the importance of kindness. E-mail blasts to stimulate and encourage the public to get involved will be sent out.  Examples of kindnesses experienced or observed by members will be collected.

The Foundation believes that recognition is a key to enlarging the ripple effect.   Receiving a thank-you note from the Foundation and an invitation to visit the Foundation’s Web site – to receive a free gift is a small but important reinforcement.  

“The simple concept of this foundation is so powerful and has so many facets that I believe we’re taking that proverbial first step on the 1000 mile journey,” said Aven.

Ultimately, the Foundation wants to work with educators to create a Kindness

Curriculum for the classroom which will introduce students to the power of kindness and its historical significance.  Further, the lesson plans will include rewards for students who practice kindness.  “We keep hearing about bullying in our schools and how damaging that behavior is to all concerned,” said Aven.  “In addition to the ‘no tolerance’ policies being adopted for bullying in many schools, we’d like to add the other extreme, which is recognizing and rewarding those children who are simply nice to each other.

“We’d like every child in American and later, the world, to be familiar with the Kindness Works’ message.  We’d like to start Kindness Works chapters at all educational levels including colleges and universities. 

“We’d like to sponsor a local Kindness Works’ event with support from local businesses, artists and celebrities who are already involved in the work of kindness.  We want to raise awareness and money to increase the rewards portion of our program and eventually to spread and reinforce our message throughout the world,” Aven added.

Initially, reward items will include a colorful car window cling/decal of the Foundation’s “start a ripple” tagline, which depicts the ripples that are created by throwing a pebble into a pool of water, representative of the way that acts of kindness tend to perpetuate themselves.  Also available will be the Kindness Works cards, a colorful deck of 55 cards that encourage buyers to recognize and reward acts of kindnesses themselves by handing a card to someone who has been kind to them.  The cards will also depict the ripple effect and a portion of the cards in each deck will include a blank area where the giver can write a personal note of thanks. 

“It’s like a smile or a handshake, except that the recipient keeps the card and is reminded that their kindness was appreciated,” said Aven.  “The idea is to keep the card and the kindness moving.” 

Other items, including clothing, will be added second quarter 2012.

The Kindness Works Foundation is a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible and all proceeds from sales of Kindness Works merchandise go to support Kindness Works projects.  For more information go to .

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