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Our crew of four full-time professionals have over 20 years each of experience working in the video and film industry. Combined, that’s almost a century! We have all worked together in some form or fashion for the past eight years – video production, film festivals, training and education, etc. A film festival (The Ybor Festival of the Moving Image) first brought us together and we discovered a unique bond between us. Our team works together beautifully and has a very solid and deep respect for each others’ talents. Most importantly we love what we do and we have great fun doing it. Our past clients will tell you that they had fun working with us too! We often work with local freelance crews and equipment providers, depending upon the project. Mostly we prefer to bring our own. We are a dedicated group of production artists and with a little input from you, we can produce exactly what you need!

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Video news release with Ret. Gen. Tommy Franks

Retired General Tommy Franks is interviewed in a detailed news story about how a chemical originally used in the Gulf War to neutralize chemical warfare can now be used here at home, to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and more. The new compound is safer, more effective and less expensive. It can be used in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc., without having to tent the building – very powerful but non-toxic! Great footage.

Great Destinations

A short overview of a travel video pilot featuring a small town in the mountains of North Carolina. Using local musicians and colorful merchants to tell the town’s story, our Great Destinations’ host finds herself traversing a waterfall and learning a lot about outdoor fun. NC’s PBS network is planning to use Great Destinations as a weekly program in 2010.

Traveling Teens – intro pilot

Today, it isn’t just parents making decisions about family vacations. In fact, more and more teens and pre-teens are a huge part of this equation, especially in single-parent homes. Johnny doesn’t want to go to camp this year; he wants to go off road biking in the mountains. The Traveling Teens take us to places around the country that offer teens alternatives and really exciting adventures. Using the Internet to meet other teens in each local, the natives are able to show-off their community.

2012 Crossing the Bridge to the Future

Crossing the Bridge to the Future is a short video with author, Mark Borax, who explains his vision of what is happening in the world and why 2012 will be a huge.

Janet and Scott on Time out Tampa Bay

Janet Henderson on camera during the Time Out Tampabay Video Shoot

Janet on camera during the Time Out Tampa Bay Video Shoot

Scott on the set of Time Out Tampabay

Scott on the set of Time Out Tampa Bay

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